Welcome to the blog of C. A. Husted.

I am here to share my thoughts and opinions with the rest of the world. At times, they may not make too much sense to anyone but me. Other times, they may make much more sense than even I originally intended. Either way, I’m writing about what is on my mind and trying to enhance my writing habits.

Expanding; learning; growing… It’s the way life works until the very end. That is what I am here to do, in a mixture of personal and professional tones.

I hope you learn and share while you’re here. Let’s laugh and learn together.

16 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dear Husted,
    A lot has changed since the past 2 months that you have not shown up on WP. I’m sure WP misses you as much as we do.
    For one, I have a new blog address. Thought 25of8.wordpress to be a good change than ashaseth.wordpress. Just being a little silly and stupid off-late.
    Now, as one of my WP friends said, you cannot see blog posts from fellow-bloggers in the reader but you need to subscribe via email. Jeez! that is too much work!
    My writing is pretty infrequent and spaced out these days but I still write.
    Lastly, it is Thanksgiving today and hence I had stopped by to convey wishes. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    Hope to see you come back soon from the neverland that you’ve been to.

    -A follower!

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