Writer Blocked

Anyone who has sat down to write something knows what Writer’s Block is; the annoying pest that it can be. It plagues writers from all over the world, in an unbiased manner, no matter their skill. Of course, there are hundreds of articles and books available, from the everyday hobby writer to the industry leading professional, that describe the symptoms and effects of the curse. Those same articles and books, in their own unique way, explain how to overcome such an issue while trying to write interesting; new; original material for whatever purpose is needed. There are countless solutions.

This writer, though, doesn’t usually (thankfully) suffer from Writer’s Block. Instead, I suffer from what I have referred to as Writer Blocked. Sure, some would say it’s the same thing. Others would argue that it’s completely different. I have to shrug my shoulders and call it everything under the sun, except helpful.

This Writer Blocked that I am talking about happens most often when I sit down to write something, obviously. My mind will search through regions of information that I have consumed over the years of reading and writing, find something interesting, and focus. No problem. The problem lies in the process of writing. I’ll get deeper into the thoughts, the story that is unfolding, and then a memory of something that I wish would simply disappear will sneak its way into my mind, blocking the fruitful thoughts that were flourishing perfectly, in order to dampen and drown the piece that I was happily jotting down.

There are times that I am able to simply continue working on the piece and steer my way around the memories, but I still feel that it affects the overall piece. I have to concentrate so hard on what it is that I want to avoid putting into the piece, that I usually end up feeling that I have cheated the piece by letting my focus be stolen by unnecessary thoughts. In turn, the piece suffers from my memories arising from the dark abyss that I have hidden them deep inside, and I feel cheated by it as well. This is the process in which I refer to as Writer Blocked.

It can happen with any memory at all, though more often than not, it’s not a good memory that pops up to replace the happy writings that I had in mind. I steer around and away, but it grabs my focus and steals attention from what I am doing. It takes the breath out of what I write and turns it into a puddle of meaningless mush that has very little purpose.

I have tried several times to overcome this whole ordeal. I have focused my attention on music, movies, and I have even attempted to look through a photo album or two of wildlife or places that I would love to someday visit. Then, my attention is stolen once more away from what I was trying to accomplish, without my realizing it. Again, I’ve been cheated.

If anyone else suffers from this or similar problems, who have found solutions that will ease a mind and let the fruitful ideas flourish into something meaningful, please do share your thoughts with me. I have been having a run of not-so-good writing luck lately, and with it being a passion of mine, it hurts.

In advance, many thank yous.


2 thoughts on “Writer Blocked

  1. I just wrote a little something similar to this idea, just in a more whimsical fashion. I can not say I have an answer to solving Writer’s Block. I think writing about it in general is a start. I think continuing to write, even when the well is dry, keeps your writing muscles moving (your outcome just may not sound as good as you would hope).

  2. I’ll have to stop by and check out what you have to say about it. Writer’s Block is a curse that many people seem to struggle with due to various reasons, though. No matter how terrible something appears or sounds to be, there is always room for improvement and time to go back to edit. Just gotta keep working on it.

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