Career Decision

I have recently been looking at many things that I am good at, as well as my loves, likes, and dislikes. I’ve been doing some thinking here and there about some things and have come to realize that I have yet made up my mind about what I actually want to do in life.

When I was young, I would pretend that I was a gymnast, flexible and motivated to jump high into the air, attempting something like the splits and later a cartwheel. Lord knows I couldn’t do such things now, no matter how much I wanted to. I also would pretend that I was a professional ballroom dancer and dance about the living room in whatever I was wearing at the time; I’ve never really cared for the attire of penguins. Being a police officer was also an interest of mine, when I was young.

Now, looking back, I know that there’s very little chance that I will become a gymnast. Ballroom dancing is still on the table, if I ever get around to finding a partner willing to teach me all of the steps that I need to learn, but it won’t be something that I pursue as a profession; maybe, as a hobby. I see now how little police officers are paid for their services, and how much respect they get while performing their job. Actually, I’m surprised anyone would choose that profession on their own. Smart move; thanks for showing up a few hours after I’ve called.

No, I know that many of the dreams that I had as a child were simply dreams. They were imaginings that I had and are of little importance to me now as an adult. I need something more concrete, solid, stable, and most of all, something that will actually provide me with an income that I don’t necessarily have to wear tights for.

Quite a while ago, I came to the conclusion that I enjoy writing. It’s fun to learn new words and doing research on topics of interest, learning on the go, is just as fun at times. I’ve always been a critical thinker and have also enjoyed toying here and there with the possibilities of what could’ve been. (Diving too deep into some subjects is unhealthy.) Since I have learned that there are many careers available for people who love to write, I have kept my mind open to many of the possibilities.

Another career choice that came up a few months ago, that I have been considering more seriously, is to become a disc-jockey. Sure, a real life deejay (DJ). I love music. I may have trouble attempting to mix my own tunes that hit the 808 frequencies and still offer a variety of rhythms and what-not, but I know how to push a ‘Play’ button and enjoy the tunes like anyone else. I also have a bit of experience in the department.

I suppose it was about six months ago that I signed up with a virtual world service. Members of this service run around a virtual world by use of their avatar (a character that you choose to represent you) and do things that are otherwise unavailable. Just as in the real world, there is a wide variety of things that a member is able to do, even with a simple, free account. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of clothing stores available. There are malls and clubs. Music is streamed from the internet into the clubs and mall areas. Virtual land is also available to purchase, or rent, from the service provider, or other members, for real and virtual currency. It was in this virtual world that I took on the role of a DJ and provided a few clubs with music.

Seeing the reaction of the people, by use of their avatars, was completely awesome. Characters can walk and talk just like real people. Dancing and other moves come at a price, though many of the simplest of moves can be freely distributed. It was amazing to be at the center of the clubs in this virtual space, providing music that people enjoyed listening to. We really rocked that virtual beach like no other club ever could have.

Looking back on that experience, because I rarely ever log in to see how old friends are doing, I really do miss hanging out and talking all day (and night) long. I miss sitting back for a couple hours here and there playing music and watching people dance.

Instead of keeping it to the virtual world, though, I’ve been thinking about making it possible in real life as well. I won’t give away the stage name that I used in the virtual world, but I’m pretty good with playing music, choosing what comes next and setting up some lists. My soft voice has been commented on by several women who, for some reason or another, find it attractive or soothing. Men, I don’t really get comments from about my voice, but they enjoyed the music that I played. So, why not become a radio personality and be heard by hundreds to thousands of people while getting paid to play and listen to music? I haven’t yet found a reason that has turned my head away from it. Nor have I received any bad comments from my mentioning it to others that I have spoken with.

I’ve recently taken up blogging as a way to improve my writing habit. I’ve considered writing more than a blog, and have many projects already in progress. Music and becoming a DJ only add on to my imaginings of what could be and both give me hope for a brighter, and louder, tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Career Decision

  1. Well done for you. Blogging is the best way to improve your writing skills. My advice would be to write as much as you can. Don’t worry about whether or not is any good, is simply a way to motivate and hone your craft. Wish you all the best. Would love for you to come by and check out my blog:

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