Take the Initiative

In many cases and ways, people are too relaxed. People walk by others and notice something out of place, or they notice a sticker, bubblegum, a wrapper, stuck to the bottom of another’s shoe, but say nothing about it due to the thought of awkward confrontation.

In the same right, people walk by complete strangers everyday and begin thinking of how many possible crushes they had seen. Don’t lie; even you’ve done it a time or two. Not once did you speak up and let your voice be heard, due to the fear of rejection; the fear of acceptance; the fear of whatever it is that you may be afraid of. Or, perhaps, you were in a relationship when you passed by them. Hmm. Maybe it was smart not to say anything.

Still, there comes a time in one’s life that they must learn how to take the initiative and stand up for things that they want. That time is and always has been: Now.

Sure, you may believe that if you wait, what you want will come to you. It’ll magically appear before you, whatever it is, just waiting for you to pick it up, claim it, and live happily ever after. That’s a nice thought to have and all, but that’s not the way that real life usually works.

So, I want you to consider the things that you want right now. I want you to open your mind, think about that person who you have been crushing on; the cake that you saw that you just had to have, but didn’t buy; the bag of steak strips that you couldn’t afford at the time; whatever it was, I want you to think of that one thing, or person.

The next time you see that person or that thing, I want you to walk up and take the initiative. Stand up and say something, even if it is just grabbing it off of the shelf and walking to the checkout. Do something about it. Let it be known to others that you’ve got your mind open and that you’re taking chances.

I’m writing this because a friend of mine recently went through a few life-changing experiences and has now found that they’re a bit happier because of it. Times were troubled, action was needed, and this person stood up to say something about it. This person took action and made a difference. Because they stood up, they’re quite a bit happier now. So, I pass on to you the idea of taking the initiative so that it may bring you something more in life that makes you happy.

Take the chance and enjoy yourself.


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