Riverbend, Again

I’ve been trying to piece this evening’s events together and I’m afraid that I took too much time dealing with other things that I haven’t been able to remember everything that happened for several different reasons.

First, I have to say that a friend of the family wanted to go with us, but we only had three pins at the time. So, we hunted for someone who had an extra pin. After finding one, we had to run out to pick it up.

By the time we made it back, my mother was ready to leave the house and head to the festival, so there was little time to think about much of anything else. We ended up driving two cars so that we all fit comfortably.

Following behind my mother, I found minor conversation with the friend of mine that went along with us for the fun. Unfortunately, I had so many other things running through my mind that I don’t remember everything that we talked about, nor the things that we saw.

I can say that we arrived first, due to slow traffic being on my side. My mother pulled up behind us and we spent a few minutes getting things together. Due to my younger brother, who also joined us for the event, I forgot about getting the extra tokens I had stuffed into one of the consoles in my car. Instead, I focused on getting the stroller out of my mother’s car so that my daughter was able to get out of the car and begin looking around.

Once we had everything in order, we made our way to the end of the block to wait for the light to change. We crossed Broad Street and then another and continued down Broad until we reached Aquarium Way. We made the left and hurried to the main gate of the Riverbend Festival.

My mind being focused on several things at once, I remembered to stop my mother long enough for her to spin a wheel at one of the booths. I think it was the booth that State Farm setup for the festival. The employees who were there deserve a raise in my opinion. Each time a person won something, which was quite often, each of them shouted and praised the winner, even if the prize was only a koozie.

After that booth, we continued on toward the lawns of Ross’ Landing to set out our tarp and chairs. It took a few extra minutes due to having a few chairs to setup to keep the tarp from blowing away. We managed without too much hassle, though.

We started back up the stairs and got left behind due to trying to maneuver the stroller through the crowds of people, but caught up with my mother and younger brother a few booths down. I think they were stopped at one of the tents to buy tokens.

After a quick stroll up to the lottery tent, we walked back down through the main area to the vendors who offered our Riverbend mugs that light up. I bought my second mug, had it filled with Dr. Pepper again, since none of them offer the wonderful and amazing Mt. Dew, then grabbed some food before wandering back to our shaded patch of grass.

We sat and snacked while looking around. I’m sure there was conversations to be heard, but I don’t remember now what they were.

Shortly before the beginning of the performance, we all got up to throw away our trash, our cigarette butts (poor smokers), then headed back toward the tarp and chairs.

We all sat and waited for The Goo Goo Dolls to walk up the stairs at the back of the stage, since we were able to see everyone walking up to get on the stage. Then, the crowds began whistling and shouting. It was almost time.

The Goo Goo Dolls came out on the stage and our eyes were glued to the large screen in front of us. One by one, they performed Black Balloon, Slide, and ended the night with the song Iris.
They made several changes to the lyrics, to accommodate Chattanooga, Tennessee into a few of their songs. The lead singer made a few announcements that I’m now unable to remember.

I was focusing between the clouds that looked a little threatening, the crowds of people who were cheering, dancing, and singing along with many of the songs, and my little girl, who was interested in dancing in her stroller while the music was playing. As always, she was adorable.

If you would like more information about the Riverbend Festival, held on Ross’ Landing in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, please direct your web browser to: www.RiverbendFestival.com. There, you will find information about the performers who are scheduled to appear on one of the many stages, pricing for pins and daily admission, and much more. Of course, you’re always welcome to grab a map and join us on the grasses surrounding the stages. Hope to see you there!

Also, if you’re interested in seeing pictures from this year’s festival, you can stop by and look at the pictures that I took by going to my Facebook and clicking on the Photos link: www.facebook.com/ca.husted.1

The events in this blog posting took place on Friday, June 15, 2012.


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