Best Time to Write

There have been many days that my mind would not shut up. I had to find something to take my mind off of the thoughts that continued to pour in, threatening to drown out even the noises of everyday life around me. Finally, I took to the pen and paper, or sat down at my computer and began writing down some of the ramblings that were going on inside my head. Then, the voices stopped. Only then did I achieve the quiet that I was searching for.

Many days come and go that the ideas and thoughts seem to simply vanish. Other days, like the one mentioned above, I can’t seem to shut them up. Writing occasionally works, but there have been days that I couldn’t type fast enough to keep up with the thoughts and many of them eluded my fast-moving fingers.

It is times like this that I would love to be able to type faster than what I do, or know someone that can type faster than I. Unfortunately, I am the fastest typist that I know. Asking someone else to jot down the thoughts while I ramble them off would result in partials here and there; fewer than what I am able to produce, which would lead only to more frustration.

The days the ideas and thoughts take a vacation are usually few and far between for me. The days that I am unable to write, rarely exist. There are still days that the ideas play games, like hide-and-seek, continuously running from me when I threaten to write them down for later consideration. I don’t much care for the games they play.

Still, I find it easiest to write when I have been awake for a few hours, or when I am nearing exhaustion. It’s easiest when I have been awake for over thirteen hours; the ideas and thoughts pour into my head like Niagara Falls into the river below. (Or, rivers below.) I don’t much like staying awake that long just to write down some ideas. By the time I wake, I have forgotten the trail of thought that led me to them, and they usually sit until I can make sense of them.

Many writers have offered advice of writing shortly after waking from a nice, long rest. These writers that I speak of, grab a cup of coffee or a nice and warm cup of tea, sit down in their favorite bean bag chair, run their fingers through their hair and simply allow the thoughts to come naturally.

I’m not much for fairy-tales and happily-ever-afters, especially when I know the work that comes with writing and editing. So, I have to ask if these writers really exist, and if they do, how long did it take them to come up with their ritual of writing? How long did it take them to become the type of writer that writes without stress and worry, and everyday hustle and bustle that keeps the rest of us in our seat pulling our hair out? I’m thinking that the worry-free writer, more often than not, doesn’t exist, though we would like to think she or he does, somewhere.

So, now I am asking you: What is the best time for you to sit down and write? Is there a specific time during the day, or the night, that you prefer? You’re more than welcome to share some of your ritual, if you’d like, but it’s not necessary. That may be my next post.


2 thoughts on “Best Time to Write

  1. Writers are always worried. Worried that they can’t write. Worried that what they write will be rubbish. Worried that no one will ever want to read what they write.
    As for speed, I type really fast, really really fast. No looking at keys, just pasting the words straight out of my head onto the page. Fast enough? Never.
    I worry that the stuff I am thinking will disappear before I finally get it all down on the page. Used to write longhand and type it up. Two jobs for the price of one. Trying to edit as I went along. Impossible.
    Like the piece a lot. Speaks from the heart.

    • Oh, so very true. Many times have I worried that the thoughts will be gone before having the chance to get them down. – Use a method often referred to as writer’s shorthand, which uses keywords or a key phrase instead of the full idea. – It’s helped me several times, when I was able to remember the phrase or word in question.

      Being a fast typist surely doesn’t help all of the time, though it is quite useful at times. Still, it’s not possible to remember everything; thankfully, too.

      Thank you for stopping by to share your thoughts on this.

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