I Want Love… Again

We, as humans, naturally feel emotion. It may spark at any given time, for any reason (or no reason) at all. It strikes when it wants to, when it chooses the time to make itself known. Some emotions that we feel are minor. Other emotions… not so much.

Of course, there are false feelings that we consider to be emotions. These emotions are more of a mental course than an actual feeling. A thought sparks and because of the thought, we feel something. Curiosity takes over and may lead us toward trouble without a warning. Still, we choose to follow through simply because the false emotion is strong enough to keep our attention.

It’s when we find a true emotion that our heart flutters, it skips a beat, and our speech is unusually impaired. Our thought process goes for a loop and we’re sitting on Cloud 9 for a time. During this type of emotion, our mind focuses solely upon the object of our affection and very little is able to make our attention stray from it. Then, we know for sure that it’s love, but we’re unable to explain it because love is different for each person, though it’s all the same.

It’s that feeling, the true emotion, that many of us search our entire lives for and rarely, if ever, find it. Some of us find it and release it back into the wild, to never feel it, again. Others still, find it and watch the person that we feel such strong emotion for change over a period of time, into a person that is anything but who we originally felt that emotion of truth. It is then that our heart hurts and we slowly begin to realize, over time, that what we had has simply moved on of its own accord. There is little we can do to change it; it’s gone, forever. — WRONG!

Many times have I heard the phrase, “There is a person out there for each of us,” or something very similar – but – What if there were more than just ONE person? Would it make a difference? Would it be just as real as the previous feeling?

Without wandering, in order to allow our heart the space and time that it needs to do its own searching, we are allowing ourselves to get caught up in what once was, and what we think will never be again. — Wouldn’t you like to feel that true emotion, again? Even, just once more?

There are literally billions of people all over the world. The person who has loved and lost knows the feeling that makes them feel alive. The person who has never felt it, has no idea of what they’re missing out on. Not until they find it will they know of the emotion that comes along with it. How can there be but one person for each of us? Surely, there has got to be more than one that each of us are so strongly connected to.

Though it may be a rough road ahead, filled with catastrophe and failure, we won’t learn and grow and come to know what is out there waiting for us, if we do not take the first step of the journey.

Of course, strong emotion is felt uniquely to the person who is caught in the experience. No one may feel exactly the same thing as another, or the second time around. So, to think of the up and coming as the exact same as the one prior, would be a failure from the beginning. It’s something new, with someone new; new experiences and thoughts and feelings await just around the corner.

Time to take the first step…


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