World’s Worst Blogger

There was a time when I heard the word ‘blog’ and wondered what people were referring to. No, not everyone learned right away what blogging was all about. I was one of the few, apparently, who knew very little to nothing about it.

I came to learn that blogging is much like keeping a journal of sorts; a way to share with the world what you enjoy, feel, experience, love, and so much more. It’s a way, through writing, to share with the world of writers and readers.

I have studied many different types of writing. From simple essay writing to the specific business jargon that is written in business newsletters and the like; I’ve seen it, read it, made my own attempt of writing similarly.

After doing research on novels and short stories, I added some research on poetry, novellas, screenplays, and teleplays to the list of information that I wanted to learn more about. There are so many wondrous options available to writers. — Want to write a book? Will it be a novel or a series of short stories? How about a short story alone? Perhaps, you’d like to write a poem, or have already done so. Maybe, you would like to learn the ins and outs of becoming a playwright, or begin writing for the big screen. If you choose to write for the big screen: Will you choose to write for a television series or dream up the next big blockbuster? — Oh, so many available options.

Learning has become one of my most treasured pastimes of all. There is always something more waiting just around the corner. Then, there’s more to it than what can be seen at first glance. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find the secrets that make it tick, but in doing so there’s also many paths that are likely to lead in various directions toward other useful knowledge.

Blogging, on the other hand, is something that I never really put too much thought into. Sure, I did a little research here and there. I found out that many compare it to keeping an online journal, while others compare it to e-mailing thousands of friends all at once with news of what’s happened most recently.

Just yesterday, I read an article about blogging. The author described this and that and then added that many blog entries are typically around 200 words. This news came as a complete shock to me. — Really?! 200 words?!

I have visited several blogs during my journey through this blogosphere, and hope that I used the correct term there. I’ve read many posts and articles and thoughts and dreams of those who wish to share such things with the world. Many of which, I have come to notice, are usually more than a simple 200 words. Some, of course, offer fewer than 200 words.

Now, I’m thinking that I have got to be the worst blogger on the planet. I mean, I’ve been blogging about various topics for a month now, and most of my entries are well over that 200 word limit that I read about. I’m still trying to figure out how I would limit myself to so few words in order to describe and explain everything that I have, without appearing as some sort of robot from another galaxy. — Don’t bother doing a word count on this entry. I’ll tell you now that I passed that mark long ago.

After reading about the small word count that seems the average for many blogs, I stumbled upon another blog that offered a bit of wisdom. I believe the author is some kind of professional blogger or he professionally writes articles for a magazine. Either way, he offered the piece of wisdom that, paraphrasing here: A blogger, so long as the topic being discussed is able to keep the reader’s attention, shouldn’t worry so much about the length of nor the word count of the entry, but stick to offering the information that the reader has come to expect, instead.

That made perfect sense to me. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so out of place with my own entries. I’m sure that I keep the attention of at least a few people who stop by (I hope), so I don’t feel so left out of this blogosphere, anymore. I’m part of the game and enjoy it right along with everyone else.

So, before I close yet another entry that has lived well passed its 200 word lifespan, I just want to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has visited for not complaining about my lengthy entries. I appreciate knowing that I ramble about interesting topics that others enjoy as much as I do.

Thank you.


10 thoughts on “World’s Worst Blogger

  1. I figure that when you blog, you have something specific you want to discuss. So you should write about that specific something until you’re done discussing it, and then you should stop. If that takes you 1000 words, so be it. If it only takes 50, that’s cool too. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to blog :)

    • That is so true for many people, I think. Trying to cram all of the information into so few words just doesn’t work all of the time. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it.

  2. A blog can be cathartic – it’s a way of imparting information (as you said) to friends and fellow writers, but it can also be a way to relax as you ‘unload’ your thoughts and ideas onto…um..virtual paper? Forget the 200 words. That may be an ideal, or a benchmark, but as Michelle said, type for as long as you need to. Some of my journal entries are comprised of a single sentence. Other times I will ramble on a little.
    Chill and let the words flow!
    Write on.

    • Oh, I’ve come to realize that bloggers are known to share everything from business to personal, and everything in-between. I very much agree that blogging is nothing less than what we choose to make of it.

      From simple advice covering multiple subjects, to more personal thoughts, I’ve been known to share quite a bit of my ramblings, with few people.

      Thank you for stopping by to share your thoughts with the rest of us. — Absolutely. Write on!

  3. Hi,
    I found your blog via one of the blogs I follow. And I am glad I did. Because I am also a very new blogger and have struggled (still do) with much of the same issues you outlined in your post here. I have chronicled my journey in some of my posts. It helps knowing that they are others out there on the same road in the waste cyber space.
    Best of Luck

    • The internet is a tricky place. One can get lost quite easily. However, it’s only when we get lost that we truly know where we are.

      We all do the best we can with what we have. I’m trying to make the most of it just like anyone else.

      I’ll have to stop by and take a look around. Thank you for visiting.

  4. I dont think blogs SHOULD EVER be about one thing- life never is. Blogging,for me at least is sporadically typing up the most clever, genius, or silly/ stupid passage EVER.its about expressing yourself.… so WHY NOT DO IT TOTALLY UNCENSURED?

    • You definitely make a valid point there. Life is about everything under the sun.

      If I didn’t put limitations into place, and continuously second guess myself, this blog would have many more entries about things that people likely wouldn’t understand.

  5. The title of this post makes me smile every time I see it. When I started blogging about a year ago, I was certain that I was not only the world’s worst blogger, but also (mercifully) the most invisible blog in the blogosphere.
    My blog posts were easily 1000 words long though, and I felt that they were exactly as long as they had to be. In my opinion, if a topic is compelling and well written, the word count will not matter. I read lots of blogs with posts that long or longer (Chuck Wendig and Kristin Lamb’s are two of them) and they are fantastic blogs with huge followings.
    It might be a good idea to try a shorter post out just to see how it feels to write short, but overall, if the topic merits it let the words fly!

    • I agree completely. There is a quote that I have been unable to find the original nor the author to, that I really enjoy. Media, along with so many others, put irrational limits (or try to) on just about everything.

      The quote: Never use more words, beyond what is necessary, to explain anything.

      Sometimes, the subject simply needs the words in order to paint the picture so that others may see it.

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