Write On? Write On. Write On!

The plain and simple truth about writers: Writers write. — There it is. It’s in the open; knowledge for one and all.

Writers share, whether we realize it or not, much of ourselves in what we write. Each sentence being the chosen words of a single writer, may be written in various other ways, by another. By writing it one way, by choosing the words that were chosen instead of using others, that writer has chosen to focus on a particular meaning that perhaps only those words are able to offer.

Articles for magazines; essays for whatever purpose; novellas; novels; poetry; and so many other forms of writing are available, along with many styles, because writers were there to create it. Everything under the sun — fictional stories based in some invisible world to nonfiction about a real world drug abuser that gave it up to find their purpose in life — has been offered by writers.

Each writer has their own reason for writing. Whether it be a simple hobby that has no chance of ever becoming a career, or a way to express one’s feelings about a particular or multiple subjects, or even a way to offer advice to people half way around the world, through the use of today’s technology, written work is everywhere.

Some writers may only share their personal opinions through their writing. Other writers only dibble here and dabble there in little poetic pieces in which they weave. Some have been known to create complete fictional worlds in which people are able to lose themselves, while others may only offer a multitude of How-To guides.

Writers are not simple people. We are imaginative creators who spark interest with nothing more than a pencil. We build hopes and dreams with our simple words. We create worlds and characters for others to fall in love with, hate more than anyone or anything else, agree and disagree with, and to find, if only a small portion, within themselves.

Writers do not stand hand-in-hand. No. We stand together word-for-word, since holding hands would delay our imaginings and postpone our writing.

For whatever reasons that you find suitable, for whatever purposes you find worthy, and however you choose to pass it along: Write On!

(Thank you to Andrew Toynbee for silently helping with the title of this entry.)


17 thoughts on “Write On? Write On. Write On!

  1. C.A – Beautifully written post my friend. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment. Writers do indeed write, although some of us take thirty years to get round to it – even though we asked for a typewriter when we were six.

  2. Its been pointed out to me that my main character reflects( in extremes) the person i am most fascinated with while writing.(sometimes, my characters are EXACTLY like me)

    • That’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, along the same lines, life is all about variety. Throw in a wrench every now and then to mix and spice things up. Without a little something new, we disallow ourselves the opportunity to grow.

  3. Sensible and practical thinking which implies to all whether amateur starters or prolific authors. At some or the other point, everyone has gone through these reasons and thoughts behind starting to write and hence I personally loved to read it as though it was my mind speaking, not your fingers typing it down. So; yes, I agree WRITE ON no matter what :-)

  4. “Writers do not stand hand-in-hand. No. We stand together word-for-word, since holding hands would delay our imaginings and postpone our writing.”

    Ha, love it. Very clever.

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