Speechless Editing

There is nothing like getting pulled into the world of editing. You write something. You want to make it better. You edit. Pretty simple.

It wasn’t so simple when I returned to check on some information to also find that I had been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award.” I was fine until I saw that comment, then I went speechless; being such a new blogger.

While fiddling with settings of WordPress to setup my own Blogroll, since another member brought it back to my attention; thank you Margaret Grant, I also skimmed over the Widgets to see if they’ve added anything useful to me. I found a couple and added one of them to share with visitors the entries of blogs that I find interesting.

Since I turned down an award or two during my school aged years, arguing that one of them should have been given to someone whom was more qualified for it, as well as awards for poetry that I had once submitted, I will accept the kind offer of the “One Lovely Blog Award” and point out that it is coming along rather well, I think.

One Lovely Blog Award

This award comes with a list of ‘rules’ that should be followed shortly after acceptance, so here I go…

The Rules:

1. thank the blogger who nominated you with a link to the site.
2. write seven things about yourself that other bloggers don’t know
3. nominate fifteen other deserving blogs

The Thank You:

A big thank you to Ms. Nine for nominating me for the award, and for reminding me that there is more to life than four walls and words.

The Seven:

7. I’m really not sure what to say here.
6. I enjoy the shadows (or a quiet corner) more than limelight.
5. I’m a critical thinker; I analyze everything (including this list.)
4. I’ve never been good with naming things; ask my old folders of 150+ short stories entitled ‘Document #’.
3. I am nocturnal, no matter how much effort I put into straightening my sleeping schedule.
2. I’m a complicated person.
1. I doubt my writing ability, even after years of practice and research.

My Nominations to Deserving Blogs: (15, really?)

  1. Jason Alan for his unique look on life through the use of poetry, short stories, and photography, mixed with bolts of humor.
  2. write drunk and edit sober, because Liz has such a way with words in her own personal style.
  3. The Blue Brick, for offering such a wide variety of interests in such an easy to read style. The latest post about Sunspot AR 1520 offers some amazing Canadian views of the aurora.
  4. Andrew Toynbee’s very own Blog because Andrew is like the rest of us writers: He’s building his foundation of knowledge in order to make something useful of all of it.
  5. norfolknovelist has a way with putting boot to butt with the use of words. Insightful, full of life, ready to push forward and offers encouragement along the way.
  6. …umm. I’m still looking. It’s not easy for someone still learning a few of the ropes to find their way around to blogs who haven’t already been nominated for two or three of the same awards. So, I shall update this a bit later.

Now, I’m glad that I didn’t spend too much time researching awards, acceptance letters, speeches, and the whole other nine yards that come along with them; or, did I? (I’m not telling!)

I am glad, however, that what I have shared with you has made an impact in one way or another, and invited thoughts into your mind. I hope you enjoy what I have written and come back for a visit to enjoy what I will write.

Thank you, again.


8 thoughts on “Speechless Editing

    • You’re very welcome. Thank you for reminding me that there were things that caught my attention that I had forgotten about. I’m glad to have remembered and that I was able to get them working.

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