Missing: The Word I Need

Missing Word Poster

Yes, I seem to have done it, again. It was wandering my mind and I can’t remember if I wrote it down before it left. I just love writing while being distracted, having several topics flowing at once, or being exhausted; don’t you?

Strangely enough, this word comes with a little back story. I was sitting at my computer three days ago jotting down some ideas of interest. I was typing right along and this word hit me. Well, more of an idea for a word, really. It was on the tip of my tongue, teasing me.

So, I considered the many synonyms and words that fell within the range of meaning of this word, trying to see if I could pull it back out of my vocabulary. I thought and thought. I likely went over at least four-hundred words.

While searching my brain for this word, I had the idea several times to jump on some search engine and look up a synonym. It would have saved me some time and would have been much easier. No. I had to think of it on my own.

Without yielding to the letters that were scrambled within my mind, it took me three hours to think of this word. Finally! I had remembered it! Oh, it felt good. It put a smile on my face and I was happy that I had finally remembered this word, all on my own.

In the moment, I was happy. I went on about my day without a care, did my usual searching and finding of things that were of interest. No problem. Some hours later, I got into a conversation in which made me think of my little problem. I was faced with remembering the word once more. I could not. I had to bypass the word that I had remembered, because I had forgotten it, just to complete the story without wasting more time trying to remember it, again.

Still, as I write this entry, I cannot remember the word, nor the ‘keyword’ that I designated to remind me of the word. It’s gone again, jumbled into the long list of vocabulary that is English. (At least I know it’s an English word! – Not French, German, nor Italian.)

As it has been bothering me for the passed couple of days, I will likely be thinking about this word, along with it’s designated keyword, in the hopes that one or both will reveal themselves to me once more. It may take some time, but I’m willing to sit back and wait a bit. Eventually, I’ll get over it and move on, to look back and forever wonder what the word was (at least, until I remember it, again.)

[Edit: 07-24-12] With the help of reading about short stories and fiction, I have remembered the word that I was searching for. The ‘keyword’ that I had to remind me of it was: author; the key phrase: drawn pictures to help the story along.

The word: Illustrate.


8 thoughts on “Missing: The Word I Need

  1. I do this a lot. More with phrases than with individual words. I get about forty-five minutes in the car each morning and I am often thinking through scenes or chapters aloud in my head. I’ll come up with something, that to me at least, sounds perfect and then bam – gone. Really need a dictaphone in the car. Thanks for the post – at least I know I’m not alone in this.

    • Oh no, definitely not alone. This is only one of many instances this has happened to me. If I wrote an entry for each time; I don’t even want to think about how many posts would be in progress.

      The best ideas, it seems, are usually the ones that arrive while we’re not in a position to record them. I always wonder, though, if it only seems that way, since we’re unable to remember them when it comes time to write them down.

    • Believe it or not, that was one of the words I was searching for, trying to remember, about five years ago, I think. So, thank you for reminding me of that. (Now, I wonder what purpose I had for it.) – Very wise guess.

      The most recent, I’ve been thinking starts with an ‘E,’ but I cannot be sure.

  2. Oh man, I am so glad you thought of the word! That honestly is THE worst thing in the world as a writer, and it happens to me often. Your idea of coming up with phrase to help you remember is a good idea. Although it didn’t really work exactly in this instance for you. I will try that in order to dodge more of these moments.

    • The phrase is there to help much like the keyword, but the phrase provides a more detailed approach. Working on three or more things while writing and having a conversation is sure to lead to something being forgotten. If all else fails, take note and write down the important terms that you will likely need or use in the near future.

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