Poetic Nonsensical Meanings

Days that end with I are the days in which I don’t like poetic nonsensical meanings that have to be deciphered before they’re able to be understood by the reader. Even by this statement, I’m still missing a day, unless I were to add in days that end in E, as well.

By now, you’re probably staring blankly at your computer monitor wondering what I’m rambling on about with days that end in letters that don’t end in those letters. — Who said I was referring to the days of the week, in English, eh? — In French, six days end with the letter I and one ends with the letter E.

Of course, I’m still a novice when it comes to the French language of love and romanticism. I dabble here and there with new words, testing myself, but I have not been heavily studying it like I should have been, since buying the complete course a few years ago. No, I’ve been researching, studying, and writing in English, wishing I could also communicate in French. No worries; I’ll manage eventually.

The reason that I do not care much for the poetic nonsensical meanings of the poetically inclined mind is simply because after reading a line or two, my mind switches from critical to curious, adventurous.

When I read poetry, like many people, I tend to think less in the manner that makes sense and more in the manner that makes little sense, except to those who understand the language of poetry. Then, I suppose we would all get along with a phrase here and a stanza there.

During the times in which I feel the most philosophical, I tend to allow my mind the needed room to wander a bit and usually come up with short phrases of powerful meaning. Of course it’s fun. It’s freedom of the mind to think in ways that will naturally allow it to explore the possibilities of unearthing new ideas. It’s fun to share with others, the ways of coming up with new and exciting thoughts that lead to even more new and exciting thoughts.

“The canvas of a writer is not the parchment on which words are written, instead, the mind of the reader, in which the writing comes to life.”

The line above is a phrase that I thought up shortly after having a thought about writing that mixed with a thought about art. Writing in a sense, especially creative writing, being the resulting matter of expression through the use of words, is (or should be) considered art. Either way, whether it is or is not, is of little concern to me, since the phrase above offers a new way in itself to look at writing.

“Allow me a moment and I shall paint a picture inside your mind so vivid that you will remember it for all of the days that you enjoy to read; for I am an able writer.”

Yet another of my simple phrases that I thought up only moments after jotting down the first. Of course, I shared these with a couple people only to receive a blank expression from one, and an unenthusiastic ‘Okay,’ from the other. Their responses tell me that neither were thinking with an artistic mind when I shared this. So, I hope that you will allow your mind the freedom to open in order to understand these two lines that I share with you.

Mind you, I mean no offense to anyone who does enjoy the simple (yet so complicated) ways of poetry. I enjoy it as well, and have even written a poem or two during my years of writing.


7 thoughts on “Poetic Nonsensical Meanings

  1. Wow, really good stuff here.
    I think poetry comes in all sizes and shapes, sometimes in short verses, sometimes tucked inside the chapters of a long novel.
    Either way I savor it!

  2. Yes – “The canvas of a writer is not the parchment on which words are written, instead, the mind of the reader, in which the writing comes to life.” – at least that is what we hope. I agree with Stephen King – prose or poetry, writing is really a form of telepathy. We want to set it up and send it winging away to have a new life inside someone else’s head. As it grows wings, it changes. I colour your thoughts with my experience. And the best writing is remembered for ever.

    • Though many people seem to be afraid of him and think him to be a complete nuisance, Stephen King is by far one of the best writers that I have ever read. His opinions are valuable on so many levels, because he doesn’t hide himself nor his opinion; his talent matched only by the greats that inspired him.

      • His book On Writing is inspiring. Very down to earth. And I like a lot of his fiction, which is so original, nothing else like it. Although find some of his endings a bit dodgy.

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