Writing Update from C. A.

Alongside blogging, I write erotica and fantasy fiction of worlds that could only be imagined. I’m still a bit skeptical about sharing my work, and the erotica I will not share on WordPress due to some of the rules about adult content and the like.

After reading over several blog entries from other writers, I decided to go back and take a look at a couple of the stories that I was pulled away from after a short period of writing. I soon realized that I haven’t even bothered to look at them since downloading OpenOffice.org 3, which offers a word count tool, at least.

The first story that I began is complete fiction that’s kind of similar to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings mixed with Rowling’s Harry Potter and along the same lines as other works by well known authors. No, I’m not getting too deeply into detail here; I don’t like sharing what I haven’t completed. Even so, I’m skeptical about sharing what I have completed. When I say the stories that I have written are similar, I’m referring to the concepts, not the actual writing nor the ideas that they wrote about.

Still, after having worked on ideas for this story, including months of research directed toward the eras of mythological creatures and other fantastic beings, I finally sat down to begin what I thought was going to be a simple short story. – Boy, was I wrong. – Once I got started, the words seemed to naturally flow through my fingers and right on into the electronic document that I had open.

Since beginning it, ideas have been written in computer documents, on torn pieces of paper, napkins, even a cigarette pack or two. The location I was at, along with what I had available at the time, also contributed to the many surfaces that I chose to write on. Before I knew it, I had ideas pouring out through my fingers that I didn’t know what to do with. So, I wrote down what I could remember and hope that the others will come back to visit me.

Of course, there are always ideas that slip away into the void where they began. I don’t worry about them too much, since I know that they will eventually return or be replaced by better ideas that I had never before thought of. More often than not, I find myself thinking of the old ideas that had once been forgotten when I get back to reading the story that I was in the process of writing when I originally thought about the idea I had forgotten. Wow, sorry. Complicated.

Since downloading OpenOffice.org 3 and loading up two of the stories that I have written to see just how much damage I had done before being pulled away, I was rather surprised at myself. I originally started both stories in Microsoft’s WordPad, which offers no sense of ‘writing tools’ other than the necessary means of expressing ideas, and both were supposed to be simple short stories.

I quickly learned, by choosing the option to check the word count, that I had written more than 35,000 words on the novel of fantasy fiction. With all of the ideas that I had already included, and the many more that I have yet to include, I couldn’t believe that I had reached such a number. It really made me pause and think for a few moments.

The thought of structuring the novel into chapters, each written to focus on a specific turn of events made me think about restructuring a short story in the genre of adult fiction. So, I finally got around to thinking up an idea or two about erotica that would work well enough, did some research on the topics that I had chosen, and got busy writing.

I wrote everyday for at least two and a half weeks or so before I was pulled away from my writing to deal with other issues that constantly demanded my attention, by those who still swear they are entirely supportive of my writing.

After loading up the chapters and calculating a rough estimate of words for the short story of erotic fiction that I wrote some time ago, I was left with wide eyes staring at the monitor to see a count of over 54,000. – So much for the idea of ‘short’ story, I suppose. – I’ve still got some researching and writing to do on that story before I can even begin to think about publishing it. I hope that I can manage to wrap up the entire story in 21,000 words or less; I’m not entirely sure where I left off at, and I know there were a few more good ideas that I wanted to include.

Already, I can tell you that the erotic novel will continue on in a sequel, simply because I’m sure more ideas will strike as soon as I get back to writing about it. The fantasy fiction novel that I’ve been working on, I don’t think I will give too many details about, though I will say that I was hounded in the past to finish it more than once after allowing it to be seen by others.

Both of them I suppose are works in progress that will demand attention once I have the time to sit down and write with a clear mind. Still, I have ideas that would likely work for either of them, respectively, though I know that the ideas I have now would be out of context for both. I will know more as soon as I can get back to writing them.

Oh, the wonders of putting boot to butt. I mean, pencil to paper; fingers to keyboard; thumbs to touch-screen… Eh, whatever for you!


11 thoughts on “Writing Update from C. A.

  1. You have articulated your process so well. It’s great that you have so many words. You’ll be cutting a lot of them out when you edit.
    Like you, I am surprised when I read my own writing. Through my writing, I am discovering who I am.
    Thanks for your post.

    • The bad part is: Neither of them are finished, and both are far from even being edited.

      It just goes to show that sometimes, you have all you need, though you may not even see it.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it.

  2. Wow, C.A. Impressive. Just a tip. I use Scrivener for structure and cohesion. One of the greatest features is the ability to stick research, pdfs and everything else you can think of, right there, so that you can view your research, whilst your writing. I think you’ll like it. Loads of great writing tools. Yes it is $40, but hey, it is so worth it and you get 30 days to try it completely free.

    So, now I’ve done a product placement ad (trust me, they are not paying me), that’s a pretty impressive word count and I’m pleased that you found they were more novel length than short story.

    I find shorts difficult for exactly that reason, you have to be really tight with your writing and choose carefully what to include. I find I can be a bit wordy….

    • Even with comments I tend to express a complete thought, or two. So, I completely understand what you mean there.

      As far as MS Wordpad and OpenOffice.org, they’re not too bad; I’ve gotten use to them. I don’t normally use much more than the margin settings and word count options. Scrivener seems like a handy piece of work in itself, though; I may have to check it out at some point.

      I say: Write the story how it’s supposed to be written the first time. Then, you can always go back to remove what is not necessary, though knowing what to remove and how to remove it is usually a task in itself.

    • Being a bored child, I had to have something to keep me company. I chose to get into writing at a young age, and have been learning and writing since.

      Scrivener sounds nice, but I’m a poor writer at the moment. Perhaps one of these days I’ll check it out. I’m happy just being able to write and express my thoughts.

      Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Hi C.A., Just found your blog and appreciate your thoughts on the art and the craft of writing… I know what you mean about writing thousands of words without even trying hard… I am slowly coming to understand the basic underlying principle of good writing; the proof is in the editing process. Good luck with your novels…. fantasy is certainly what people seem to want these days. (of course Erotica is a perennial favorite…) SB

    • Oh, thank you. I’m slowly bringing out the editor in myself once more, after having been away from writing for a while. It’s often difficult to get the editor to quiet down just so I can write freely enough to create something useful, but that’s the way it goes with writing.

      Lovely blog you have there; I just stopped in for a visit. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I hope to see you again.

  4. Hi C.A. Good work on getting that writing out on paper. That’s the hardest part. I wouldn’t worry about editing it yet or length. That could get in the way of completing it. See it through! Although it’s good to keep perspective. Your short story could end up being more of a novella. Hope you can get back to it with other things demanding your attention. I understand all about those things.

    • Life really gets in the way sometimes. I’m dealing with a few issues at the moment that constantly pull my attention away, while trying to keep enough sanity to continue writing. It gets tough, but I’ve held onto the stories for this long and I have many more ideas to include before considering either of them complete. Write, write, then edit. – Write On!

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