Goals Set for August

Seeing that many other writers are setting goals for themselves, I’ve decided that I want to participate and set a couple goals for myself as well. Of course, I’ve never really been good with setting goals and keeping to them, but by the end of the month, I want to be able to feel good about what I have accomplished, or sit back and laugh at myself for having not accomplished them.

Seriously though, I will work toward these goals and try my best to achieve them. Since I am still unemployed, they shouldn’t be too much trouble to keep to, though I still have my doubts.

  • Better quality posts; each of which offers some kind of informative edge or insight.
  • Five posts that are not personally inclined, nor personally benefited from, that include images.
  • Four entries about writing, to help along fellow bloggers and fellow writers.
  • Make a short list of achievable goals and share on WordPress.

Okay, so I cheated on the last goal, but at least I have one of them completed. Now, I just have to worry about the other nine posts, at the very least, as well as offering a better quality of post each time that I sit down to write about ideas.

To make it a little tougher, I’ll toss in one that I’ve been considering for the passed couple of months…

  • Submit at least one article or short story for consideration to be published.

18 thoughts on “Goals Set for August

  1. Dear Husted,
    This motivates me to assign a goal for myself too as I do strongly believe in this; ‘If you fail to plan, You plan to fail.’
    Keep writing :-)

    • Sometimes it takes a boost of confidence to really get started.

      I’ve seen quite a bit about NaNoWriMo and until just a minute ago, I did not realize that it stood for: National Novel Writing Month; honestly. – I may partake in the fun. I’m always writing something, anyway. I’ve got multiple short stories in progress along with a couple novels that I’ve neglected for some time now.

      • True, although, when it comes to my writing, it’s been a bad habit of mine to view it as being ‘dull,’ ‘boring,’ and ever in need of being ‘written better’.

      • That’s just your inner critic… You’ll never know until you put it out there. I didn’t write for so long because not writing (yes, I know how cracked this sounds) meant I could live in this little world where I could have been a brilliant writer. Actually doing it means I get to find out if I’m any good. I may not ever be commercially successful but just one “reader” who gets it, will be worth it. Don’t get me wrong, if fame and fortune bang on the door, they will definitely be invited in for coffee….

      • Completely understood. I’ve had to find ways to silence the critic along with other thoughts in order to begin this blog. Slowly but surely I’m attempting to win this race. As for fame and fortune, be sure to have tea on hand as well, in case neither of them like coffee.

  2. Brilliant C.A – join the club. Pleased to see that you have done goals as well. Good luck with yours. We’ll see how well we have both done at the end of the month.

  3. Good luck with these! I look forward to reading about your progress.
    As you know, I’ve fallen just a bit short on one of mine, however I’ve excelled in others–something to keep in mind.
    Stayed focused on accomplishments, not perceived shortcomings

  4. This motivates me to make a list as well, Currently, my goal is to just write and post anything. Whatever comes to mind. Perhaps, I should be a little more focused. Good luck in accomplishing these. I think they are achievable!

    • Writing about whatever comes to mind is often the best idea. The things that interest you are most often the ideas that come to mind. While writing about what interests you, others will show their appreciation and support. Just keep in mind that while you’re writing about your interests.. you should stay focused.

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