How Times Have Changed

A reflective look to the past will show many things. Emotions and ideas that were ventured and lost or won, along with thoughts that came to fruition or simply remained as thought. The only true constant that will stand the test of time is change itself. Change is everywhere; not just lying on the sidewalk or in one’s pocket.

If you take a look at a few phrases you’ll surely notice the changes that have been made along the way. Such a phrase, for example: Go play. Though this phrase is short and quite simple, when someone was told to go play twenty years ago, the person usually had to step outside in order to do so. The phrase did not mean to sit down with some hand-held electronic device and begin screaming absurdities due to a complex level, or at persons who are likely hundreds of miles away.

Another such phrase: Get stoned. If you look around the world that we live in today, you will notice advertisements everywhere that suggest everyone should smoke it up and live the high life; even if the high life isn’t necessarily the best option. Years ago, the phrase had more of a punishment type of meaning. To ‘get stoned’ actually meant that someone, or many people, stood along a brick wall while many other people threw stones at them. This type of punishment usually lasted until the death of the guilty parties.

Many years ago, it was quite the norm to walk about and call your neighbor ‘gay’, or make a suggestion to have a gay meeting. This gay meeting was usually just a bunch of friends getting together to discuss the everyday wanderings of life, chit-chatting about everything under the sun; enjoying time spent with friends. Now, if you walk outside and call someone gay, they have the legal right, according to some, to serve you with a subpoena. Now, the term that was once another way to express happiness or the joy of life is known as an insult. Or, as is the case with homosexual couples, to announce that a person is partnered with a person of the same gender.

Years ago, neighbors would come together to help one another raise a house. More recent days have shown us that some mothers and fathers aren’t willing to raise even their own children. While it was once fun to go to a drive-in, the most recent drive-ins that have occurred were due to texting while driving.

Not too long ago, if you suggested that someone ‘get educated’, they would have likely run to the local library in order to find information about the subject in question. These days computers are everywhere. So, if you suggest someone get educated today, they’re likely to offer some crude comment in return, then post their comment on a social-networking website for everyone else to see. Nevermind the searching for information; disrespect is such hard work in itself.

Sundays were cursed by the masses since all stores were closed. Church was open to everyone willing to attend. Neighbors knew the names of their neighbors and often shook hands with them on a regular basis. Help was offered and accepted more willingly. Of course, that time was before business meant staying open on Sundays in the interest of earning more money; churches decided it was best that they remain open four to five days a week for a bigger congregation; neighbors began putting bars on their windows and doors; and before help was turned into some sort of innuendo with a hidden agenda.

The times sure have changed since family and respect were the most important things discussed at the dinner table. Now, it’s even too much to ask for a regular conversation using spoken words; everyone with their electronic devices, thumbs ready to type out an illiterate request for the delivered meal to be brought into another room of the house. What’s worse than receiving a text message in a mixture of letters and numbers? — Knowing that so many companies and people encourage such behavior.

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m wise enough to know that the values of life haven’t changed that much over the years. Honesty, respect, and trust are still highly regarded by some. So, the next time you sit down grasping your electronic thing-a-ma-jig, ask yourself if you would want to be known tomorrow as the person you are today.


11 thoughts on “How Times Have Changed

  1. Your comment about discussing things at a dinner table is very telling – a lot of people don’t have a dinner table these days. Every meal is taken on a tray in front of the box in the corner and conversation during a meal is limited to ‘turn it up’ or ‘turn it down’. Children expect their meals in front of the television. How do they ever learn how to hold a knife and fork and what happens when they go to a restaurant? They have the attention span of a gnat and have to be given a handheld toy of some description just to be persuaded to sit on their chairs.
    Yep, I’m old fashioned too. And some old fashioned things were a very good idea.

    • Old-school (to be old-fashioned) is the best school available. Too many new-schoolers are stuck in their ways to even glimpse the knowledge that has been handed to them on silver platters. They would rather get caught up in meaningless drama in order to appear ‘cool’ to the people who are supposedly their friends. If only they’d look a little closer.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoys the old-fashioned routines and beliefs. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am so with you on this…. honesty, respect and trust, along with compassion and kindness are all moral character traits which, in my humble opinion, never go out of style. And if they do, well then I am very proud to be unfashionable. One can never underestimate the power of good character to make a human interesting and worthwhile. Glad to read you again! SB

    • Of course! They should always remain in-style. Too many people it seems, have forgotten what life is (or should) actually be about; respect, honesty, trust, and of course, family.

      I’m glad you could stop by and share with us. Thank you.

  3. I always wonder at the generational gaps? Are we simply repeating the patterns that our parents went through. I.E The world is going to the dogs. Something that every usually older generation seems to think? Is it really? Or are we just more bombarded with visual images that tell us this? However, I do agree that manners never go out of style. Nor, does kindness.

    Welcome back by the way, we have missed you.

    • I would like to think that the patterns are simply repeating, since in the story ‘The Outsiders’ there are many things alike in the world that we live in today, though the book was originally written around 1967. At the same time, I can’t help but think about all of the children who show so much disrespect to their loved ones simply because of what they see on television, or witness other people doing. — Perhaps it is simply repeating, though it feels like it’s gotten much worse over the years. Or, is that just from the growing up that I’ve done since the days of my childhood?

      Oh, I haven’t really gone anywhere. I’ve just been working on words and straightening them out the best I’m able. Those darned ‘S’s love being curved, though. Thank you for sparking up another interesting perspective by sharing.

  4. Great post. Great to have your back. I hope your writing is going well. I enjoyed your comparisons from the past to present day, and while the words and language have changed, our attitudes have changed. Privacy is a thing of the past, and everybody thinks they’re an expert. You know, because you can learn everything from the Internet. Raising two boys in today’s culture is a challenge and things have changed so tremendously in only the last two decades. I cringe to think where we will be in two more decades. Technology aside, we can’t forget that relating to each other is the most important thing of all, treating each other with decency, civility, and respect. I think this starts at home. That has to be the foundation. So, I sure do try….

    • Great to have such wonderful comments shared. You’re absolutely right. Attitudes along with language. All we can do is try our best and hope that it is enough to get us through until we’re able to do better. I do agree with you there.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on it and thank you again for the compliment.

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