Exampled by Professionals

“‘I was replacing the joists in the floor when I noticed a slight depression—it appeared to be filled in with the foundations of the house,’ Colin Steer told the London Telegraph. The discovery has led Sheer to explore the history of his property, located in the city of Plymouth, near the south coast of Devon, England.”

It doesn’t take a professional proofreader to notice the error in the paragraph above. Many writers pride themselves on writing quality fiction, but when it comes to writing nonfiction, the main rule of thumb is to have all of the facts straight before getting the piece published.

In the paragraph above, the article’s author, Eric Pfeiffer, a reporter who blogs for Yahoo! News, decided to switch the home owner’s name with another that had come to mind, likely out of Sheer brilliance. It wasn’t enough to see the owner’s name in the previous sentence, apparently.

This is one of the many errors found in the work of a writer. There are many other errors out there which are just as tragic when it comes to progressing a story, in fiction as well as nonfiction.

As with this error, which was likely unintentionally made, it takes more than spellcheck to get the job of writing — and editing — completed to a result of satisfaction.

It is becoming more common for reporters to simply Vlog (video blog) about an incident, and one of the reasons appears quite obvious.

If you would like to have some proofreading fun, see if you can spot the other errors in this piece of writing.

Full article: Medieval well discovered beneath couple’s living room | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News

In an article by Justin Hyde, for the Yahoo! Autos blog Motoramic, it’s obvious that the appearance of the vehicle likely took value from his writing when he wrote the following bit.

“But after leaving office and some changes in his personal life, Schwarzenegger seems to be exploring the world of high-end machinery again; we caught him earlier thisy month checking out the field at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. ”

Professional writers should know better than to begin a sentence with a conjunction when it comes to professional style and quality, but some just do not seem to mind a bit.

Spellcheck would have been useful here. Unless it also suggested to include the word ‘making’ so readers are not meant to believe that Schwarzenegger left changes in his life, or perhaps that he left his life altogether, it would have only corrected one of the errors shown.

Full article: Arnold Schwarzenegger gets the keys to a $250,000 Mercedes Unimog | Motoramic – Yahoo! Autos

Someone may need to suggest to Yahoo! News, or their blogging department at least, that proofreaders and editors would likely help in situations similar to these. So many other articles have been published with a variety of errors included that it makes it hard to believe that these ‘professionals’ should be considered professionals at all.

Perhaps it is meant to demonstrate that the quality and style of a writer are allowed to be less than professional once the writer has made a name for themselves.