Out with the Old … In with the New

Last year, 2012, offered so many eye-openers; an emotional roller coaster of sorts. The year began with a kiss to my fiancée and continued on from there with me trying to find new ways of keeping our relationship together for the sake of our daughter. After seeing my fiancée run out of the house many times to go party and hang out with friends, I knew that she was and had been dancing and flirting with other men. It was only a matter of time before she suggested the idea of having an open relationship. She came clean about a number of lies and events that she once thought that I believed; that was sometime around the one-night stand that she went out for, I think.

Now, after nine years of working on our relationship, which has included our daughter for the passed three, she’s unable to understand why I no longer want to be a part of the relationship after the 100th time of her saying: I’m sorry. I can and will change. I feel like I’ve fallen for it too many times already; I know I have. On top of that, I also learned that she’s been spreading lies to her friends and family about me for the passed couple of years, and offered to pay me to move out; though she phrased it as: $1,000 to go start new wherever you’d rather be. With all of the emotional stress of working to save our relationship, trying to teach her how to be a lady and a wife, how to cook, how to play the violin, learn the French language with her… and so much more, also did not work out. Trying to imagine myself with someone new after being with the same woman for over nine years did not help matters.

I’m currently unemployed, which has been the norm for the passed three and half years, at least. I have a few hobbies in mind, and a background in writing. Coming out of the muck of 2012, I’m finally able to write, again; in sentences that make at least a bit of sense, anyway.

For 2013, I have a couple ideas in mind that will likely help with my mental and physical health, that also may turn me into an author of a novel or two, a photographer, and maybe even an entrepreneur.

I will finish reading through my Bible, which I began during 22 hours of Christmas day that I spent alone, contemplating the meaning of ‘Family’. I returned Christmas night soon enough to spend a short amount of time with my daughter before telling her good night and to offer the idea of sweet dreams.

Now it’s the first day of the new year and I have plenty of work to do that will keep me occupied in becoming someone more. I have writings that range from ideas, to nearly finished novellas and screenplays for television series that were canceled shortly after I finished writing them. Still, I’ve been going over the idea of sending them in to find out what the producers and/or chief editor thinks about the ideas, so that I may get some added feedback from a reliable source who knows the industry better than anyone else. It could prove useful.

There are still many blog entries that I have yet to write in order to help my fellow bloggers and fellow authors. I will address several topics that I consider to be of importance, that will offer some insight to your writings, and hope that they prove useful to you and other writers.

Here’s to procrastinating…

Now, back to work.