Why does no one really know what to type here at first glance?

Let me start out by saying that I am a Jack of All Trades and master of few. Though I have experience with many aspects of life, I am and have been trying to focus more of my attention on a section that I really enjoy: Writing.

Since I was young, I’ve had a love of letters and words. Positioning them just so creates words. Using those words, you make ideas that eventually turn into sentences. Those sentences may not always make sense, but they’re still there when you need them. Reposition the words in the sentence to change up the meaning or do away with a few, or all of them, to really mix things up.

I was once known as The Walking Dictionary, during my young days of school. I became known for my spelling, and later my way of using words to describe actions and events. My love of words turned into a love of writing. I’ve been writing everything that I have been able to since learning that writers are the foundation of many things in the world.

Poetry caught my attention as well as girls. Even using the poetry as a lure, I lacked the attention that I was trying to attract, but strengthening my skills helped quite a bit. From poetry, after having a poem published, I moved on to researching other areas of writing. I’ve dipped my toes into writing everything from essays and articles to writing short-stories and beginning a novel or two.

I started out at a young age with stories that I wasn’t supposed to be writing about, much less thinking about, but erotica (adult-oriented fiction) always had my attention. I worked my imagination from every angle until I was able to write exactly what I had imagined, even before I had the experience needed to make the stories seem more realistic.

Since those days, I have written many types of fiction, though I have published none of them. Fantasy Fiction caught my attention due to having such an imagination that is well suited for the tasks that it calls for. I have begun many stories that I have been unable to complete, and have not published any of them due to such reasons. I’m still working on those, though.

More recently, I have turned toward expanding my knowledge about writing. I have studied many books about writing in the past and still look back for reference when I need it. I have been looking into writing screenplays as well as teleplays, though I am lacking some of the more specific information used by the trade to get my writing in the correct formats that are needed.

As I learn and continue to grow, I write what I think and feel. It may not be on a daily basis, but I write when I have the chance and something useful to say. Even if it’s not something useful and turns out to be just a bunch of rambling, writing is a healthy habit that is used for many purposes.

I will continue to write as long as my imagination allows me to.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Good morning, C.A. I assume you are a devotee of C.G. Jung and that synchronocity spins your world. I’ve been enjoying following a long string of compliments aimed at the beautiful and talented Coco J. Ginger and I found your recent exchange to be poetic in itself. Then, I looked at your writing. As soon as I can remember how to do it (I am an old man), I will subscribe to your blog. If you have a history with Kurt Vonnegut, you might enjoy my wordpress.com postings. Nice to meet you.

  2. Good mornin’ to you as well. — C. G. Jung? — The name doesn’t ring any bells; nor whistles, for that matter. (Doing a search.)

    I see you found it. Good to know. I’ll surely stop by.

    You’re only as old as you feel. Age is nothing more than a number.

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